3D visualization asset management: the benefits. Asset management is not an easy sport, but it is a very important one. A lot of money is involved, especially when it comes to buildings, industry and infrastructure. And as the budget is less, asset management actually only becomes important. Then it can be interesting to have a 3D visualization asset management made. This can make a good contribution to management and maintenance. In this article, we explain why it can have benefits.

Why choose 3D visualization asset management?

Successful asset management is about ensuring that both buildings and infrastructure perform as optimally as possible. It is of course extremely important that there is a good picture of the bottlenecks and the final cost. To conduct asset management in an effective and efficient manner. First of all, professional asset management guarantees the maintenance of the current infrastructure. But smart asset management can also be very cost effective. And precisely because it is a complex field of work, it is useful to actually use all the resources that are possible.

3D visualization asset management as a handy tool.

Therefore, 3D visualization asset management is also an option. But how can a 3D visualization contribute to effective and well-considered asset management? That is simply explained: an interactive, three-dimensional image is nowadays not only suitable for films and computer games, but can also be an extremely valuable addition in many other areas. This also applies to asset management. Asset management often requires a certain amount of technical insight, which is something that not everyone possesses equally. Then it is useful to have an innovative 3D visualization available. This way you can inform all those involved of the asset management in an effective and visually interesting way. With a good 3D visualization made by Xuver, everything will become clear in a few eye shots.

Linking 3D visualization asset management to OMS.

In asset management you work with an OMS (Maintenance Management System. If you choose to have a 3d visualization for your asset management made by Xuver, we can link your OMS to the three-dimensional environment. With this link you can, as it were, switch. between the virtual environment and the OMS You can walk through the virtual environments alone or with others, while you can also explore drawings and all kinds of other data from your OMS in the digital environment, while at the same time the 3D visualization provides more insight, so that all parties involved have a clear picture of asset management, which is of course only beneficial for effective asset management.

3D visualization of asset management identifies bottlenecks.

With an effective and effective visualization, it is also easier to quickly identify any bottlenecks. That is of course an absolute must for anyone involved in this. Bottlenecks can be identified and then addressed before they actually manifest. You can do all this with Xuver’s extremely user-friendly virtual reality tool. This tool does not require specific training or special downloads.

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