Uitgelichte klant

Vinvin added a fully virtual world in which selling, sampling and launching of wines can take place.

“It is subscription-based, and the virtual world is available for a full year. Besides that, it’s easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Marcel Just de la Paisiéres
Oprichter Vinvin


Lees hier hoe virtuele meetings in XUVER klanten helpen bij het verhogen van de interactie en betrokkenheid met klanten.


“This is the place where an audience can be gathered and webinars and presentations are held. there are several different themed rooms.”

Act Now

XUVER was the right candidate because its technology is accessible for everyone,  without installations or other barriers.’


“XUVER is a great platform if you want to get an audience together without traveling. It also fits into the whole sustainability movement.”

Supernova Marketing

The idea of organizing a virtual event, and the possibilities that this creates, appealed to me.

Urbanist Architecture

‘It can save so much time, we can resolve any number of client concerns in one session.’

Animo mApps

‘Meteen twee stappen verder dan wanneer je ‘gewoon’ een schets aan de klant laat zien’

Collabed Construction

“Xuver solves the problem of bridging BIM to clients without experience in the construction industry.”


‘Architect Direct verbetert het design proces met XUVER’

VMV CAD Adviseurs

‘XUVER maakt het voor ons mogelijk om slechts één applicatie aan te bieden aan ons gehele klantenbestand’

Aussie BIM Guru

I highly recommend Xuver for any BIM professional looking to get the most out of their BIM model.’

Rick Smets Architect

‘Meteen twee stappen verder dan wanneer je ‘gewoon’ een schets aan de klant laat zien’