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Animo mApps matches supply and demand within communities with a virtual space

How do you measure the demand for a particular service inside a community or like-minded group of people? And how do you get the suppliers in touch with the people that want them? 

These questions lie at the base of Animo mApps: a new app that strives to bring supply and demand together in an efficient way. By using XUVER, Animo wants to provide a virtual platform to explain its new consumer-to-business concept to potential suppliers and users. 

Where there is demand, there is a way to provide

Animo mApps is the brainchild of Dutch entrepreneur Yanick Simmons, who was looking for a way to make it easier for communities to find a supplier for their needs. Simmons: “The idea came to me from growing up in a small village in the countryside. I always felt somewhat ignored by companies who were supposed to provide services for the community. From small things such as food trucks on a certain day of the week, or bigger ones, such as a new sports court. I felt like many of these services were centred around bigger cities.”

According to Simmons, the problem was not the enthusiasm -’animo’ in Dutch- for a certain service, but rather the tricky way of measuring just how popular an idea is among a group of people. And that’s where Animo mApps steps in: “It’s essentially an app that organizes and measures how much demand for a certain service there is.” 

“The locations of these demands are shown on a map inside the app. People who want the same thing for their community can easily locate and contact potential demand suppliers and vice versa. I truly believe that where there is demand, there is a way for suppliers to provide and do business.”

Using XUVER as a virtual explanation platform

As with any new service, explaining takes some time and effort. And that’s where XUVER steps in. Simmons: “XUVER provides an excellent platform for us to explain what Animo mApps is about. Everyone interested can easily join by entering the virtual environment with their avatar. There are no difficult steps such as software downloads needed, which is great.”

But that’s not the only reason Simmons chose XUVER to explain his app to potential users and suppliers. “XUVER provides a truly interactive way of getting in touch with our target audience. In the virtual space, we can show videos and other multimedia to our visitors. Besides that, we provide live explanations, and everyone is free to ask any questions they may have. It looks and feels like a physical presentation. However, it’s taking place in an easily accessible and highly flexible virtual environment with all virtual features provided.”

Yannick Simmons
Oprichter Animo mApps

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