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Wrapping the year up in the XUVER Metaverse

Each year, Spotler organizes an end of year mailing. To express their gratitude towards their customers and partners and broadcast new developments and goals for the year ahead. This year, the Dutch e-mail marketing company decided to do things differently. Spotler used the XUVER Metaverse to meet, greet, and cheer the new year.

“We were looking for a way to get together with our customers and partners in an original and fun way”, explains Hidde Verkooijen, marketing manager at Spotler. “Every year we celebrate the holidays by sending an end of year mailing, but we felt that this year we needed to do something special. Many people are still working from home and miss a sense of interaction. By using XUVER, we found a way to engage our audience in a way that is fun and easy to use for everyone.”

A new dimension for online events

Verkooijen explains why XUVER was a good fit for Spotler. “We are a company that delivers and creates e-mail marketing software, which enables our clients to engage, measure and communicate with their audience with precision. Besides that, Spotler stands out in customer service. You won’t find an offshore help centre -in a different time zone- or a slow ticketing system with us. We provide in-house, personal support with training and tutorials to make the best use of our software. You also get a coach that you can call for advice.”

It’s this philosophy that made XUVER a good choice for Spotler. “We strive to make our clients successful. And how do you do that? One of the ways is by providing excellent communication services. So when XUVER came on our radar, we were very interested in its many features that combine communication, entertainment and engagement. It goes way beyond ‘just’ a virtual meeting space, but it also provides room to show extra information or our company video on the big screen. So for us, it was an interesting tryout.”

A fully customizable virtual world

And this unique approach to create a virtual end-of-year event in the metaverse didn’t go by unnoticed: Dutch national news channel RTL dedicated an item to Spotler’s original use of XUVER. A quick walk around inside Spotler’s virtual space illustrates why XUVER offers an experience that closely mimicks a real-life event. Inside, the avatar can explore a vast, Christmas-themed event arena.

One of the biggest eye-catchers is the big screen, which plays the company video as a word of welcome to visitors. But there’s more: in several smaller rooms, more information is offered: from whitepapers to a space where the most-read blogs can be seen. With their custom virtual world, Spotler displays a broad array of readily available information to anyone visiting their event space.

Looking back at the virtual end-of-year event, Verkooijen thinks it was a success. “It was an easily accessible event for anyone: simply by clicking on the link and selecting your avatar. No downloads or other complicated steps are needed. What was also nice is that we could arrange our virtual space completely to our needs and liking. For this event, we chose a festive season theme. It’s nice to have that flexibility. This gives a virtual event an extra personal touch.”

Sustainable and easy to use

For the future, Verkooijen thinks using technology like XUVER’s will become more common. “In a short time, working from home has become more and more commonplace. To organize something fun that goes beyond yet another Zoom meeting, we used XUVER this year. I believe that this kind of technology can help create more engagement, but I also think the need for personal, offline contact will be greater. So I personally think that this technology is best used alongside or in conjunction with meetings in real-life, not necessarily as a replacement.”

“That being said, I think XUVER is a great platform if you want to get an audience together without travelling. In that sense, it also fits into the whole sustainability movement. And last but not least: it’s fun and easy to access for anyone involved, offering quick access to all the information the visitor needs. And as a company, that is one of our biggest goals.”

Hidde Verkooijen
Marketing Manager Spotler

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