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As the Creative Director and owner of Supernova Marketing, Wouter Tiebot is always looking for bold new ways to create impactful campaigns. By adding XUVER to his creative toolbox, Wouter added an incredible array of opportunities. 

For Wouter Tiebot, creating impactful Marketing Campaigns is his bread and butter. “I work mostly for the IT industry, which gets me in touch with many exciting new companies. That’s also how XUVER came on my radar. The idea of organizing a virtual event, and the possibilities that this creates, appealed to me.”

Lifestyle coaching in a virtual help centre

A concrete plan to use XUVER for one of his clients has already been launched. “The first thing I thought about when I heard of XUVER was helping people for 2B Healthy, a company that helps people change their lifestyles or recover from addiction. They are using XUVER here as a digital, self-supporting meeting space for these clients to get professional help quicker and more adequately. A community where people can help others online find any advice and information they need, whenever they need it.” 

A quick walkaround inside the virtual 2B Healthy centre explains what Tiebot means. Inside, visitors walk around freely and easily find information, displayed on several centrally located message boards. In several meeting rooms, planned and unplanned meetings can be held. Workshops are held in a separate workshop room, and the whole centre has the company’s look and feel carefully worked out.

Click here to visit the 2B Healty Virtual Space

Virtual tasting rooms

Adding XUVER to his arsenal, Tiebot is now looking for ways to imply the platform with his clients. “One of the things I was organizing for a client was online tastings, whiskey or cheese. For this, we used Zoom. However, Using XUVER for this is a much more interactive and interesting experience.”

“At this moment, I am looking to create a virtual tasting room, where participants can taste, find more information, and directly purchase some of the products they like. You could make it look like a farm setting for a cheese tasting, and for a whiskey tasting, I see a more classic, pub-like atmosphere happening. This adds way more to the experience than a Zoom tasting, which I’m sure we are all a bit bored of at this moment.”

For Tiebot the possibilities that with XUVER are near endless. “I think it’s beneficial for any company that wants to get as close as possible to the offline experience of an event or meeting. XUVER gets very close to this experience. By walking around with avatars, the virtual event space becomes much more lively. I think XUVER is the closest you will get, mimicking an offline event in the virtual space.”

Available all year round

“Another aspect that spoke to me, is that XUVER as a platform is based on a yearly subscription. That means that your meeting, event or retail space online is available year-round. During a wide search through different platforms I only found solutions that let you create a space for -say- 72 hours max, after which the client has to pay for extra time. A flat fee for a year is more reasonable and more attractive to companies who want to have a virtual space online for a longer, set time.” 

For Tiebot, it’s now time to bring XUVER to the radar of his clients. “Using XUVER for virtual tastings is first on the agenda, but I don’t think it will stop there. As we have all experienced over the last few years, virtual events are becoming more important, but they are not as fulfilling compared to actual offline events. I think XUVER makes a great effort in bridging that gap, which makes it an excellent platform that can serve many different purposes and needs.”

Wouter Tiebot
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