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In recent years, living sustainably has become more ingrained in our societies. But due to conflicting information, it’s not always easy. Viisiit aims to change that: with an online platform that provides all the information that consumers need to pursue a truly sustainable lifestyle.

For Alvin Leito, founder of Viisiit, it’s crucial that people get the right information about sustainable living. “It’s great to see how the variety of different, sustainable products continues to grow. But how do you do that? How do you live truly sustainable? The answer to that question isn’t always easy. And that’s where Viisiit comes in. Viisiit is a place where people can find all the information they need about a sustainable lifestyle: easy, manageable and transparent.”

An online sustainability information center

“When Viisiit started, I was mostly focused on getting engagement in an offline sense. But soon, lockdowns started and I needed to find a different way to create traction and a sense of community. I had some wild ideas for that, but everyone I spoke to told me that it wasn’t feasible, at least not within a reasonable budget.”

“Until I came across the XUVER platform. For my ideas, this provides a solid foundation to create a virtual world, where people can freely walk around and find independent information about sustainable living. But that’s only one aspect of it: inside the world, there are screens for multimedia presentations and rooms to meet others in and gather with the community.”

Different rooms for different needs

Inside Viisiit’s online centre, the avatar first comes across an auditorium. Leito: “This is the place where an audience can be gathered and webinars and presentations are held. When you walk further, there are several different themed rooms. For example, one of them is the vegan information room, another one is for the non-vegans. Along the way, links can be clicked that provide information about sustainable brands and products.”

Leito explains the need for these particular rooms. “Many vegans find it difficult to determine whether a product is actually vegan or not. For example: did you know that wine is not per definition vegan? And there are many products just like that. So for these different needs, we have created several different rooms that are easy to find inside the model. You just have to walk in there with your avatar to find all the information you need.”

Click here to visit the meeting room of VIISIIT

Connecting and building relationships

For Leito, the Viisiit platform is a way to connect with his clients without having to travel, which brings about another aspect of sustainable living. “Living sustainably also means reducing your carbon footprint. One way to do that is to travel less. So with XUVER, you can reach your audience without having to travel. Although I believe in a personal connection built in an offline environment, it’s good to explore the online ways that come close to a real-life meeting. You can still provide your audience with the information they need, and build on that valuable connection with your clients or partners. Simply from the comfort of your own house or office.”

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