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Get the most out of your BIM Model

‘Resolve any number of client concerns in one session’

One of our clients recently said, ” I know some people can look at floor plans and imagine what a building is going to look like, but my mind just doesn’t work like that.” And we reckon that many – maybe even most – poeple feel the same way.

Different standards

Over the years, it’s been one of the things that has contributed to the status of architects – we’re those gifted people who can glance at a simple diagram and see walls and windows and even the views out of them! – but also contributed to the distance between us and our clients. In the old days, architects were stern professionals instructing the client to “Trust us.” Maybe that was OK in the 1950s, but isn’t acceptable now.

Which is why shareable 3D digital modelling is so important to the way we work. We want the client to able to see something that gives them a sense of the scale, bulk and feel of a building, to see it from different angles, inside and out. But we also want to be able to hear what they are thinking and feeling while they see their building.

Meet your clients online

And that’s one of the things we really like about Xuver – rather than sending them a file that they look and then send us feedback, we can meet up online inside the Xuver rendering of our project and discuss the design in real time while our avatars walk around it together. It can save so much time – rather than a long back-and-forth of emails, we can have a conversation and resolve any number of client concerns in one session.

At Urbanist Architecture, we always say we’re not selling a product, we’re providing a service. And so we are always looking for ways to improve the ways we can communicate with our clients and allow them to feel fully involved in the design of their home or development, and we think Xuver is a big help with doing that.

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